Sunstone product Screening

We enable neurodiverse children to thrive


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We improve the prospects of children with autism by delivering technology solutions that catalyze early treatment.

We believe that every child should have equal opportunity to care and support so we are reducing barriers to make that a reality.

What we do

Sunstone product Screening

Enable early identification

Sunstone product Screening

Equip therapists with innovative tools

Sunstone product Screening

Empower parents



Sunstone product Screening

Novel, animated, digital screening tool to enable earlier detection of children with autistic behaviors

Sunstone product Screening

Configurable, interactive, therapy management and data collection platform


Sunstone product Screening

On-demand curriculum to train and support paraprofessionals


January 2019
Sunstone established in Oslo, Norway
Fall 2019
Research workshops UK, Canada, USA
June 2020
Grant Innovation Norway €170K
Fall 2020
Research workshops Norwegian health authorities
Spring 2021
Research workshops Autism Project (RSA) CHUV (CHE)
November 2021
Grant Innovation Norway €617K
December 2022
First Pathways pilot (Norway)
May 2023
First international Pathways pilot (UK)
November 2023
Commercialization Grant Innovation Norway
December 2023
Public beta release


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Lesley Sand, PhDCEO and Founder
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Erling HaugstadCTO
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Christian RennemoDeveloper
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Cliff BaluyotUX Designer
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Maria EspelidDeveloper


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Svein EikesethPhDProfessor, OsloMet
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Sigmund EldevikPhD, BCBA-DProfessor, OsloMet
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Kenneth LarsenPhDAssociate Professor, University of Southern Norway

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